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About me

Hey friends, my name is Sabina. I'm an HR professional and a learning geek.

I have been working in global tech companies and banks for the last 10 years working in many HR capacities from building a recruitment team to creating an internal innovation hub.

I believe that HR roles are shaped around the organization rather than have standard job descriptions. I am passionate about creating new HR formulas which fit the strategy and purpose of the business.

What I am doing now

  • Based in Vienna, Austria
  • Working at Bizzabo as People Manager doing Lots of HR Things
  • ✍️ Writing posts about work, learning, and life in English and in Ukrainian
  • Spending too much time reading about 🐕 canine psychology
  • Spending not enough time in museums looking at masterpieces 🖼️
  • 🇺🇦 Supporting Ukraine, my home

I am always happy to connect on LinkedIn.